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Baby Skin Rash : Diagnosis, Treatment, Tips With Pictures

Baby Skin Rash : Diagnosis, Treatment, Tips With Pictures

A rash on baby’s skin will make the skin color to red in affected area, itchy, irritated, and sometimes painful.
Sometimes the rash can transform to patches and blisters of raw skin.

Rashes can be symptoms to many medical problem actually. Rashes can be caused by allergies and irritating surface or substance. Some of genes can get rashes easier.
For common rashes, they can get away in instant or maybe a couple days. Some of them can develop right away, but some cases they are long-lasting and need special long-term treatment.

As mentioned above, rashes can be caused by different things and may lead to several different symptoms. It is wise of you to keep an eye of the rashes and contact medical care to help you if you find the rashes is not normal, in case : it is not gone in several days, you got different medical problem after the rashes appeared.

Above is the definition of rashes on human skin, especially for ‘not-baby’ age. So what about rashes on baby’s skin when they are difficult to tell you how they feel about the rashes? What medical problem they have together with rashes on their skin? And what they want you to do to the baby’s skin to treat the rashes. We will cover up the rashes on baby’s skin along with tips and treatment.

Baby Skin Rash Identification

Newborn rashes may lead parents to think their baby have bad medical problem. But believe the professional skin doctor said : it is common for baby to have newborn rashes. Newborn skin is quite fragile and still very smooth unlike us who have thicker and ‘aged’ skin.
But if you feel your baby may have ‘worse’ rashes, let us proceed to next section, the rash identification especially on baby’s face.

1.Baby Acne

Neonatal acne seems like a relatively small red lump on your baby’s skin. Of course most of adults can get this acne too but for baby’s skin cases, it will not lead to whitehead or blackhead. Most of cases it can go away without any medical treatment.
For some speculations, baby acne can be caused by the result of exposure of maternal hormones in the womb or by breastfeeding. Do not stop your breastfeeding activity, your baby’s acne will go away in matter of time.

2.Dry, Flaky, Peeling Skin

Like acne which common to all age human skin, this type of rashes are common to children and adults as well as newborn baby’s skin. The dry skin can occur at first year of your newborn baby and anytime depending on your baby’s skin characteristics. If the dry skin becomes extra dry, it will be irritating, turns red, swollen, and warm if you touch it.


Small white lump on nose or skin which seems like whitehead acne. Milia is caused by blocked oil gland deep in your baby’s skin. This type of rash doesn’t need any treatment. Once your baby’s oil glands grow up and the pores open for weeks, white lump wll be very easy to treat.

4.Cradle Cap

This one looks like a irritated skin with oily, red color, and yellow crust. This can appear on your baby’s skin especially face, neck, armpit, and ears.


Your baby’s skin will look like swollen, red, itchy depens on your baby’s age. Eczema may appear on chest, leg, arm, face, elbow, or knee. This one is caused by thin (or none) protective skin’s layer which results sensitive and dry skin which reacts to environment factors such as dust, scratchy clothing, and many more.

6.Prickly Heat

Prickly heat or known as heat rash seems like red lumps and quite similiar with baby acne. Prickly heat appears on your baby’s skin which got overheating or oversweating. The main area of prickly heat are armpits, neck, and diaper area.

7.Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is very common for a baby. This one can be caused by allergic to skin infections to stress (teething period) or for the main common cause is not enough air for your baby’s skin.


Hives are quite easy to spot from red swollen area of your baby’s skin. This one is easy to misinterpret for mosquito’ bites : red or pink lumps with white center sometimes. The shape is circular or oval normally with quarter up to three inches.


Sunburn is happening for all ages not to mention to baby. Newborn and infants are more sensitive to UV ray, so make sure to protect your baby to sunlight.

Common Baby Rashes in the First Few Months Newborn

From the baby’s rashes mentioned in the section before, now we will cover “top” common rashes for newborn babies in their first few months.

1.Cradle cap (seborrhea)

Cradle crap often shows for 1 - 2 months of age. This one looks like yellow-ish crust, greasy and appear on the scalp may include red, feeling irritated on the face, behind ears, armpits, and even neck.


Red and itchy area on skin on baby’s face, elbows, knees, neck, and chest. Eczema can be caused by sensitive skin, dry, or allergies.

3.Prickly Heat

Prickly heat most often appear on some areas tend to overheat and sweat such as diaper area, armpits, and neck. You can keep the area dry enough and avoid overheating with clothes.

4.Fungal Infection (candidiasis)

The name of infection may differ depends on the infected area. Infection on tongue is called thrush and looks like dried milk. For diaper area this infection looks like intense red rash with small lumps in the edge. This infection can be treated with antifungal gel or liquid and even cream.

Baby Skin Rashes Simple Tips

Baby skin rash may make your baby crying all day because the irritating, itchy, or pain sensation. Just because rashes are common for newborn baby and even for adults, you still need extra effort to make your baby feel comfortable. These tips will help you to make your baby comfortable and even cure and avoid skin rashes.

1.Dress Baby With Loose Clothing

Loose clothing will prevent your baby to rub the infected area and protect your baby to further overheating by UV rays.

2.Avoid Irritation Causes

The causes may be differ for every baby but below are the common tips :

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not rub, stretch, or scratch the rash.
  • Use gentle cleansers and apply lotions.

3.Warm Bath For The Best

Just let your baby play in the bathtub and the water will cool off the hot and dry skin.

4.Apply Cool Cloth to Rash Area

To counter attack the dry and hot rashes, it is wise to use cool clothing to relieve the itchy sensation for some times.

5.A Bit of Pain Reliever

This tips is for 6 months or older baby to give them small dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce the swelling.

6.Hugs and Kisses Of Course

This one may not cure the rashes but of course this habit can make your baby feeling comfortable. Do not stop your affection just because your baby got some rashes.

When to Worry About Baby's Rash

Some of the rashes may be a lead to worse medical problems for your baby. These lists below will tell you when to bring your baby to doctor if the rashes happen to your baby :

1.Struggling to Breathe

Rashes is common thing related to allergic. But sometimes allergic can be severe. This severe allergic is called anaphylactic shock, can be life-threatening, and need medical care immediately.

2.Rash Occurs With Another Symptoms

If the rashes occur along with these symptoms below, contact doctor immediately :
-Reduced appetite

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sneezing

3.Rash Develops Blisters or Look Infected

Rashes can lead to worse infection cases such as :

  • Blisters
  • Bleeding, dried blood
  • Rash has bright, small, purple dots on top
  • Yellowish seepage
Those worse infection can lead to severe infection such as herpes, call the doctor.

4.Rashes Appear All Over Your Baby’s Skin

If your baby has rash very often or suddenly has rashes all over the body, it is wise to contact physican immediately. Uncommon rashes like all over the body may lead to severe allergic reaction to your baby.

Baby Rash Treatment

1.Baby Acne

This one just need time until your baby’s maternal hormones grow up and the rashes will go away. Keep your baby’s clean and healthy.

2.Dry, Flaky, Peeling Skin

Lack of moisture in your baby’s skin. Apply cold lotion or cream.


Once your baby adapts to environment outside the womb, milia will go away eventually. Let your baby play in bathub for a while everyday.

4.Cradle Crap

Wash your baby’s cradle crap with healthy shampoo.


Your best treatment is apply some cream, balm, or give some bath oil to your bathub for your baby.

6.Prickly Heat

Your baby’s skin need to be cooled down to cure prickly heat. Let your baby play in the bathub and use dry towel on your baby’s skin.

7.Diaper Rash

You need to keep your baby’s skin dry and get some enough air. It means your baby need to get naked for a while.


Hives are caused by allergic so you need to find the exact allergen.



Rashes on your baby’s skin is something common for all newborn baby. You don’t need to panic just because your baby turns red in some areas. Keep your baby healthy and happy and the rashes will go away without you noticing. If you worry too much or the rashes come with another symptoms call the doctor.
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