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Heart Attack Symptoms - All You Need To Remember Everyday

Heart Attack Symptoms - All You Need To Remember Everyday

Heart attack is quiet common disease among human.
Although it is quiet common does not mean it is just not a “it-will-go-off-soon” disease. Let it happen for too long and you life will be gone forever. Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction or MI for short is not just a “normal” disease. Even though it is pretty common, it is still very deadly which can take your life without your conciusness of it. It does not choose man or woman, this disease does not have favorite target. So this article will help you to realize which one is the heart attack symptoms so you can save others’ life or even your life.

heart attack defintion

What is Heart Attack

A phenomenon when there is blockage in your artery which supply blood to your heart, is called heart attack or myocardial infarction or MI for short. And it is dangerous though, believe me. If you have not got any idea what heart actually is, let me give you a brief description. According to Heart Foundation, heart is made from muscle which always pumps blood to all over your body to supply nutrition and oxygen, and of course it needs healthy blood as its supply so our heart can live healthy for a longest time it can make.

What is Heart Attack Causes

Not a secret from time to time our internal organs will degradate everyday. Even healthy food, daily exercises, therapy, or any healthy habit will not be able to make degradation is not happening. Those habit will only make the disease go away as long as possible, but not for the degradation. The older we are, our inner wall of arteries which is blood supply rail to heart will be damaged. Most common cause of this damage is fatty materials or plaque. When one of the plaque’s location is broken, the blood will be stuck there, blocking the flow and makes a clot. Let this happen for too long and it will give you heart attack for sure because it will reduce the blood supply to heart and the chest pain will be triggered. Very bad!

causes of heart attack

Heart Attack Symptoms

Even it is dangerous does not mean it always come with clear symptoms. Some of you might remember in TV show when someone got heart attack and he will squeeze his chest while falling to the floor. Not always that dramatic though. As I said earlier, heart attack symptoms come with ‘easy-to-ignore’ symptoms like short of breath or a light squeeze in your chest. Even the symptoms will occur in different place other than heart. Do you get it now? This deadly attack is hard to detect so the fatality precentage is risen up to some extents.

symptoms of heart attack

But of course our medical treatment technology has come to overcome this attack at ease. But that will be valid if you already realize you got heart attack and immediately ask for doctors’ treatment. The modern medical technology is useless if you do not realize what is going on in your body. Check the list below made by WebMD and MayoClinic to make you more aware :
  1. Chest Feeling Weird or Pain
  2. Indigestion and Stomach Pain
  3. Pain is Spreading
  4.  Feeling Dizzy
  5. Pain in Jaw or Throat
  6. Easily Exhausted
  7. Snore
  8. Cold Sweat
  9. Unstoppable Cough
  10. Abnormal Heart Beat

Heart Attack Prevention

After we know about the deadliness of heart attack along with its symptoms, let us move on to the list of “how to prevent heart attack”. Truly, the only thing we need to prevent Myocardial Infarction is avoid to pile up fat material in our body because it can block the blood flow whenever it is. But not to mention, our age will be the one we should aware. The older we are, the weaker our organs work everytime. But this time we only focus on the action besides age factor.

prevent heart attack

Here is the list we can do to lower the heart attack risks according to MedlinePlus, U.S National Library of Medicine :
  1. Take control of your blood pressure not too high and do medical checkup at least once a year,
  2. Keep control of cholesterol level because it can clog the arteries : changing lifestyle, medicine (if needed), and healthy food,
  3. Do not overweight because it can increase blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  4. Keep doing exercise everyday : maintain your weight, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure,
  5. Do not smoke and drink alcohol : alcohol increase calories and those to increase blood pressure
  6. Have fun ! Do not stress out, it will be bad for your blood pressure,
  7. Manage diabetes, blood sugar can damage the vessels,
  8. The last and the easiest one, get enough sleep, no question!

Heart Attack Symptoms Emergency

Alright, let us say after we know the symptoms, the prevention, and now we will focus on the emergancy action after the symptoms take place.
As WebMD said :
If you are with someone with heart attack symptoms (especially chest pain) call ambulance right away because they have heart attack treatment tool within. If you can not get one, drive him quickly to hospital.

emergency heart attack

So you are waiting for the medic team coming, what is the next one? Of course make him calm as can as possible. Make him chew aspirin if the do not have allergy for it.
And for the worst scenario when the patient is losing breath, give him CPR immediately


As you can see, the symptoms look very ‘normal’ to us. Not even snore, stomach pain, or even cold sweat will lead us to afterlife because we ignore it. So best to remember those symptoms, keep in mind emergency ambulance phone number, reduce the risk by doing the prevention list, have an insurance plan is not a bad idea, and tell someone to back you up when it is happening to you.
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