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Kidney Failure Symptoms Do Not Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips

Kidney Failure Symptoms Do Not Have To Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips

Kidney failure is something you need to discover as soon as possible.
Most of people do not realize that they have the early symptoms. Most of them just think that the symptoms only lead to another “better” disease. Let make this clear before we moving to the next explanation. The early stage of this failure is absolutely easy to ignore. So what makes it so difficult to cure? The only easy thing for you to realize when your kidney is failing is when the symptoms entering the final or let us say, chronic stages, and believe me, it is too late.

failure kidney

Kidney Failure Symptoms

Due to the data, 30 million American and maybe more adults are suffering from kidney failure and they have not realized it. Maybe they are aware that they are not feeling very well but still ignore it to some ordinary health conditions. It can be they are not aware or they have not experienced it yet. But for sure, they will realize it when the failure comes to chronic stage, the time it is too late to be cured completely. Only 10 percent of people are aware they have chronic stage symptoms. The only way to make sure wether you have the failure or not is to be tested. These 10 symptoms by Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, Chief Medical Officer at the National Kidney Foundation can give possiblity of the failure :

symptoms of kidney failure

  1. Easier to get tired, lesser energy, and more difficult to concentrate. Kidney problems lead to build up of toxins and impurity of our blood. In addition we could get anemia, weakness, and fatigue.
  2. Hard to sleep. Toxins inside our body can not be excreted in urine causes the difficulty in sleeping.
  3. Skin becomes dry and itchy. One of the kidney purpose is to remove extra wastes and fluid from our body.
  4. Need to urinate more often. The need of urinate during the night with strange frequency is the sign of kidney disease.
  5. Blood in urine. Kidney has filter in it to filter the blood from the urine. So if you find blood in your urine you better get your medical checkup of your kidney right away.
  6. Foamy urine. Unable to filter proteins from urine may lead the leak of protein into your urine while excreted.
  7. Ankles and feet are swollen. Sodium redention causes the swelling and may lead to heart or liver disease. The chronic stage will make your face swollen.
  8. Cramps in muscle. The imbalance of protein causes the low amount of calciums in a muscle.
  9. Pain on the side or mid to lower back.

Kidney Failure Stages

Chronic kidney disease, also known as chronic renal failure, chronic renal disease, or chronic kidney failure is hard to detect in the early stages. It is very common to realize when the failure has decreased the kidney function down to 25 percent. The method of analyzing the failure stages is called by Estimated Glomerulal Filtration Rate or GFR for short. The GFR method will be done by doctor by analyzing your blood creatinine test, body size, age, and gender. These are the kidney failure stages you must aware of :

stages of kidney failure

  • Stage 1 : the GFR result is result but early failure is detected
  • Stage 2 : GFR is lower than 90 milliliters and failure has been detected and mild loss failure.
  • Stage 3 : GFR is lower than 60 milliliters, mild to moderate failure
  • Stage 4 : GFR is lower than 30 milliliters and moderate to severe failure
  • Stage 5 : GFR is lower than 15 milliliters, kidney has fallen.

Kidney Failure Treatment

The treatment is depending on the failure level. Some kind of failure can be treated but chronic failure has no cure for sure. The treatment is not about cure the kidney, it is about curing the causes. Your doctor will help you to control the signs, symptoms, reduce worse complication, and slow down the damage. Below we will know the treatment divided into two parts : the complication treatment and end-stage treatment.

treatment of kidney failure

Complication Treatment

The complication can be controlled through :
  • High blood pressure medications. Higher the pressure makes the kidney works harder.
  • Cholesterols level medications. Higher cholesterols may lead heart disease because the fatty material can not be filtered completely by damaged kidney.
  • Anemia medications.
  • Swelling reliever medications.
  • Bones protection medications.
  • Protein diet.

End-Stage Treatment

At the end-stage failure, you need dialysis and kidney transplantation.
  • Dialysis : dialysis will remove your waste material inside your blood artificially when your kidney not able to do it.
  • Transplant : a health kidney will be transplanted to your body while removing the damaged one with surgery process. One thing to remember, not every kidney will be compatible with your body system.


The kidney failure symptoms is difficult to be detected in early symptoms while the end-stage symptoms is almost impossible to cure to get your kidney back to healthy conditions. Make sure to take medical checkup at leat once a year.
To help us understand further about kidney failure, we will discuss the kidney failure causes and how to prevent it.
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